Life Plan? Trash Can

I’d convinced myself early on that I’d move to Los Angeles after high school, get my big break as an actress, meet my soulmate. By my mid-20s, I figured, I’d be working in entertainment and have two (of my eventual four) kids.

Instead, I ended up moving to small-town Michigan and, via a wild series of events, made it to Los Angeles a decade later - only after getting a job at Google, which I ended up leaving for the unlikeliest of reasons. Oh, and that whole soulmate thing? I met him in my 30s - a professional athlete, living an unpredictable life of his own.

I spent so much time stressing over the plans that weren’t working out, I lost out on some of the excitement that comes with following an inevitably unpredictable path. Life Plan? Trash Can aims to provide reassurance that while nothing ever looks the way that you thought it would, with a little faith and a lot of perseverance, you’ll end up right where you need to be.